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Week One

We started our week with Kickoff. We started to brain storm among the team. The members focused primarily on topics such as the design, the motors, and the programming of the robot. Then we got into groups, each focusing on different aspects of the game. Some of the topics were climbing, the switch, and exchange. … Continue reading Week One


The La Crescent robotics team visited FlexCraft where we learned about organization and productivity. We met Doug Sparks, the founder of FlexCraft,  who showed us his techniques for organizing the workplace. Along with organization, he showed us the 5s system: sort, set, shine, standardize, and sustain. We are planning on incorporating the 5s system in … Continue reading FlexCraft

Getting Ready

It has been an exciting off-season and we are getting ready for another season.  We have 28 students signed up and ready to go.  We just completed our 7RRC training day and the students are making huge progress in our new build space.  We have recruited some new sponsors with Ashley Furniture and Werner Electric … Continue reading Getting Ready

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