Saturday we went to Luther high school to learn about the game, along with getting a chance to see many of our coalition friends.  With the theme of space, this year the game is filled with many new challenges. We are super excited about the new sandstorm option, which is a blockade in front of the driver’s station for the first 15 seconds of the game.  Even though it might be challenging we know we can overcome it.  We also really like the challenge of having to get on to different levels at the end of the game, we really had to work together to think of some ideas about how we would accomplish this. When we got back to the school we started off by watching the Deep Space video again, after that we went through any questions we had, answering them using the game’s Manual. We went over the game and discussed possible strategies and techniques we could use. We are very excited for this season and will keep everyone updated!  Hopefully by next week you will see a video of us with a working drive base!

Also, check us out on Twitter, Instagram,  and Snapchat @sirlancerbots

screenshot 2019-01-14 at 1.45.53 pm

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