Week 2

Apologies for missing Week 1 of build season! We have been quite busy, and The Sir Lancer Bots are super excited to compete with our favorite teams at Destination: Deep Space this year! We have kept ourselves super busy with all the tasks to get us prepared and set to go this year. The Sir Lancer Bots sadly have no seniors on our team this year, leaving us a little busier than previously expected. Our programming team has recieved some new members, and they have learned the gryo program and are using our test bot to see how good their newfound skills are! Design team has also kept themselves quite busy, such as making a ramp for our robot, and designing ways to shoot out asteroids. They’re also currently trying to find a way to get an efficient way to grab hatches, attempt at a drive base, and designing a line sensor mount. The Electronics team are putting fittings on our cylinders for shifting gear boxes, and making a pneumatic board to help out our programming team. Build team, having also gotten new members, is attempting to build the drive base, and working on a hatch reciever/grabber. Marketing has also had their work cut out for them. Along with trying to get the eyes and attention of the public, the have been ordering apparel and chapstick flavors, and trying out new pit designs. We’ll see if any of them cut it! Happy Week 2 and build season everyone!

Don’t forget to check us out on our multiple social media spots @Sirlancerbots                    Also If you’d like some Sir Lancer Bots Apparel Check out this link  https://thorsongraphics.tuosystems.com/stores/lancerrobotics2019


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