Week 3

Week 3

This week was filled with fun things happening. We got our Flexcraft to start building a new battery cart because, to say the least, our old one was not good. We also got our fan favorite chapstick. This week programming was working on the ultrasonic sensors ( they help you locate things when they move “kind of like sonar”- William. Along with that, the drive base is almost completely coded and is being assembled by the builders. Meanwhile, in the build room, they are working on fabricating parts, assembling parts and assembling the ramp that goes on our robot. They have been working on the shifting gearboxes that will allow us to control the speed of the robot. When geared high it allows the robot to move fast, but when geared low it will allow us to accelerate faster and play defense better. Marketers have been working on brackets that will connect Flexcraft that will be used on the ramp part of our robot. We are so excited to continue working.


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