Week 4

Week 4

This week was a struggle, we had 4 snow days due to cold weather. It was -26 one of the days so we think that even though this was unfortunate for our time schedule, It was better than freezing. With this lack of time, this means that we need to work very hard on getting back on schedule. The programmers have been working hard on the drive base, on the subsystems and closed-loop controls which essentially tells the robot what level of speed it should go at. The design team has started working on finishing the robot design on the computer. The build team has been working on something great….. Something amazing …… something that is crucial to us competing… OUR ROBOT. We are so excited to be putting together our robot and really getting things started. Things. Are. Getting. Real. Even though it is a lot and can be quite stressful we are still able to have fun.  

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