Lacrosse Regional

Since duluth we have really got a sence of how unprepared we were, but that will help us in our Lacrosse regional. Us marketers however have been really pressed along with the builders to get our stuff packed ahead of time. when we went to the lake superior regional ( Duluth) we didn’t have many of the extra supplies that we needed to continue helping ourselves and other teams, so at some points, we came to a stump in the road and had to ask other teams for help. Overall the trip was an amazing and fun experience all of our team members had fun and enjoyed their time.



week 6

This week has been crazy, so sorry for the late post. Yesterday was week zero and it was a blast we saw many of our friends compete and it was so awesome. Yesterday was actually very interesting we actually popped a ball and hit a robot. But besides all that activity earlier in this week we were scrambling to get the robot done. We got our new team shirts and they look very good, i’m very impressed with how they turned out. we also got our drive team outfits which are black bow ties (which I am currently wearing ) and green long sleeve dress shirts. We are all super excited that we are going to Duluth, we can’t wait to compete and most of all even though its cheesey have fun.


Week 5

This week has been crazy intense because as the days go by we have less work time… Obviously. This week the designers have been working on our hatch manipulator that will allow the robot to pick up hatches that are on the ground or on the loading dock. which is going to be amazing when its finished because we will actually be able to get points which is no shockingly helpful. Marketers have been busy at work with getting apperal and stickers. The builders have been working on the ramp that we are   going to have on our robot and that is going to be helpful to our alliance partners. Don’t forget tocheck us out on ur social media places  at Sirlancerbots

Week 4

Week 4

This week was a struggle, we had 4 snow days due to cold weather. It was -26 one of the days so we think that even though this was unfortunate for our time schedule, It was better than freezing. With this lack of time, this means that we need to work very hard on getting back on schedule. The programmers have been working hard on the drive base, on the subsystems and closed-loop controls which essentially tells the robot what level of speed it should go at. The design team has started working on finishing the robot design on the computer. The build team has been working on something great….. Something amazing …… something that is crucial to us competing… OUR ROBOT. We are so excited to be putting together our robot and really getting things started. Things. Are. Getting. Real. Even though it is a lot and can be quite stressful we are still able to have fun.  

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Week 3

Week 3

This week was filled with fun things happening. We got our Flexcraft to start building a new battery cart because, to say the least, our old one was not good. We also got our fan favorite chapstick. This week programming was working on the ultrasonic sensors ( they help you locate things when they move “kind of like sonar”- William. Along with that, the drive base is almost completely coded and is being assembled by the builders. Meanwhile, in the build room, they are working on fabricating parts, assembling parts and assembling the ramp that goes on our robot. They have been working on the shifting gearboxes that will allow us to control the speed of the robot. When geared high it allows the robot to move fast, but when geared low it will allow us to accelerate faster and play defense better. Marketers have been working on brackets that will connect Flexcraft that will be used on the ramp part of our robot. We are so excited to continue working.


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Week 2

Apologies for missing Week 1 of build season! We have been quite busy, and The Sir Lancer Bots are super excited to compete with our favorite teams at Destination: Deep Space this year! We have kept ourselves super busy with all the tasks to get us prepared and set to go this year. The Sir Lancer Bots sadly have no seniors on our team this year, leaving us a little busier than previously expected. Our programming team has recieved some new members, and they have learned the gryo program and are using our test bot to see how good their newfound skills are! Design team has also kept themselves quite busy, such as making a ramp for our robot, and designing ways to shoot out asteroids. They’re also currently trying to find a way to get an efficient way to grab hatches, attempt at a drive base, and designing a line sensor mount. The Electronics team are putting fittings on our cylinders for shifting gear boxes, and making a pneumatic board to help out our programming team. Build team, having also gotten new members, is attempting to build the drive base, and working on a hatch reciever/grabber. Marketing has also had their work cut out for them. Along with trying to get the eyes and attention of the public, the have been ordering apparel and chapstick flavors, and trying out new pit designs. We’ll see if any of them cut it! Happy Week 2 and build season everyone!

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    Saturday we went to Luther high school to learn about the game, along with getting a chance to see many of our coalition friends.  With the theme of space, this year the game is filled with many new challenges. We are super excited about the new sandstorm option, which is a blockade in front of the driver’s station for the first 15 seconds of the game.  Even though it might be challenging we know we can overcome it.  We also really like the challenge of having to get on to different levels at the end of the game, we really had to work together to think of some ideas about how we would accomplish this. When we got back to the school we started off by watching the Deep Space video again, after that we went through any questions we had, answering them using the game’s Manual. We went over the game and discussed possible strategies and techniques we could use. We are very excited for this season and will keep everyone updated!  Hopefully by next week you will see a video of us with a working drive base!

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