What’s Going On?

Week Zero

The 7 Rivers Robotics Coalition Week Zero Event was a success! We had an amazing time at the event. The hosts, team 4011 πρbotics, ran a seamless event for the 18 teams who attended. Early Saturday was filled with tweaking our autonomous program, and our new pit made its first appearance at the event. Members of our team even practiced scouting to help prepare for our competitions in Duluth and LaCrosse. Our 7 FLL Jr. teams also made a fantastic demonstration of what young people in FIRST can do. Our robot competed phenomenally, taking control of the field with our driving and robot design. We also received the Awesome Autonomous Award for our impeccable programming. It was a great learning experience for our rookies. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel and other social media to keep up with the last few days of build season!

Week Five

This week we finished up building our bumpers! We added brackets and started to fix them onto our robot! We also continued to sew power cube covers. Our programming team has taken over our cafeteria for the time being, and began to transform it into our own personal game field! They have also finished vision tracking! The design team has continued to design some mounts for our robot, and our build team built the hook for our robot so it can climb at the competition, and we tested it successfully this week as well! There is also a second hook so we can climb the side of the scale. Our wiring team is completing the wiring for the robot. The marketing team finished our Chairman’s essay and submitted it.



Week Four

Two more weeks until the end of build season! Our team has been busy finishing up their projects, such as bumpers, pneumatics, using vision tracking, wiring, organizing the electronics, building a mount, and sewing makeshift covers for the Power Cubes. These covers will be used for the Seven Rivers Robotics Coalition Week Zero event. The bumpers have been made over the course of a week, and are almost finished. Regarding pneumatics, our team has been focusing on using them to power the arms of the robot. Our programming team has been getting our robot to recognize any color, but mostly yellow. Once the color is found, it keeps trying to track it, or find it. We are continuing to work forward, and productively continue the build season!

Week Three

The La Crescent robotics team started off this week with a snow day, which had some set backs regarding our building and productivity. However, we got right back on track and our programmers worked on our competition robot, as well as our builders. Some of our members helped organize our build room, by sorting out tools such as nuts and bolts. On Friday, we worked extra hard, because of the snow day on Monday, and members of the marketing team worked on our Chairman’s essay as well on Friday.IMG_0182IMG_20180127_091338_170

Week Two

This week we continued to prototype our robot designs. After prototyping, we started working with pneumatics. With the power of pneumatics, we got the power cube lifted up off the ground, started making a drive base, and combined our prototypes! The team has also started a general layout of electronics. We plan to continue working hard on this years robot!IMG_0160

Week One

We started our week with Kickoff. We started to brain storm among the team. The members focused primarily on topics such as the design, the motors, and the programming of the robot. Then we got into groups, each focusing on different aspects of the game. Some of the topics were climbing, the switch, and exchange. The team then discussed our own ideas on how we imagined the concepts about the robot and how it would act in the game. After thinking for some time, the groups explored concepts, prepared to prototype, and then tried to determine a drive base.



Happy kickoff day,

Today at kickoff we found out the new game, how exciting! We waited for a long time to find out the game but it was worth every second.

After we found out that it was an arcade style set up we were ecstatic. We think that this is going to be very cool and different from past years. The video this year was very interesting because it had an 8 bit cartoon theme to guide us into the game. The game involves moving power blocks to earn points and a bonus for levitating your robot.

After the initial video, we got to see field elements that will be used on the game field. One of our representatives went and retrieved the “Kit of Part”.

Upon returning to the school, we discussed questions about the game and designs that we would like to incorporate into our robot.

After lunch we open the “Kit of Parts” and began to brain storm what we could do, put all the parts away and cleaned up. Overall a very exiting day.


The La Crescent robotics team visited FlexCraft where we learned about organization and productivity. We met Doug Sparks, the founder of FlexCraft,  who showed us his techniques for organizing the workplace. Along with organization, he showed us the 5s system: sort, set, shine, standardize, and sustain. We are planning on incorporating the 5s system in the robotics room. After we learned about organizing and productivity, we were able to use FlexCraft to look at the new products, ask questions, and build. The La Crescent robotics team would like to give a big thanks to Doug Sparks and FlexCraft for having us.

Getting Ready

It has been an exciting off-season and we are getting ready for another season.  We have 28 students signed up and ready to go.  We just completed our 7RRC training day and the students are making huge progress in our new build space.  We have recruited some new sponsors with Ashley Furniture and Werner Electric and welcome back many of our sponsors from previous seasons. Acentek, Mathy, La Crescent Booster, La Crescent Community Foundation, La Crescent Booster Club and La Crescent Rotary are all coming back.  We are also continuing our fantastic partnership with Flex-Craft as they continue to donate materials for our robot, built room, pits and help us with our organizational needs.

7 Rivers Regional

– The 7 Rivers Regional will be held in La Crosse, WI on April 12-April 15 in the La Crosse Center (300 Harborview Plaza, La Crosse, WI).

– We encourage everyone to attend, even if you have no knowledge of robotics. It will be an experience never forgotten.

– We will have 51 teams attending coming from states as far as Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri. There will be quite a few older teams attending such as team 48 (Delphi E.L.I.T.E), team 167 (Children of the Corn), team 171 (Cheese Curd Herd), team 269 (CooneyTech), and team 930 (Mukwonago BEARs).