What’s Going On?

Duluth Regional

-The team competed at the Lake Superior regional in Duluth, MN. We ranked 39 out of 63 teams. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time to make this regional possible.

– Even though we ranked lower than we would’ve liked, we are making big plans to prepare for the 7 Rivers regional in La Crosse. We plan on making major overhauls to many subsystems. We will be recreating improved subsystems made of lexan and HDPE. This will help ensure we do not violate any withholding rules (30 lbs. or less).

-Our new designs will improve the amount of fuel we can shoot into the hopper, our abilities to manipulate gears, and our storage/transportation of fuel.

-Major overhauls to the robot’s programming will also be completed before the 7 Rivers Regional. We are implementing a gyroscope to improve our accuracy when turning the robot in autonomous.

-Good luck to teams with upcoming competitions.